MOYO. The vendors in Moyo Town Council (MTC) have petitioned the office of Moyo district chairman seeking protection against the decision taken by the Town Council officials to evict them from the streets of Moyo town.

The vendors, mainly dealing in the sale of second-hand clothes, shoes, electronics and other items alleged that MTC officials early this week collected all their merchandise thus rendering them jobless.

While presenting their grievances to Mr Williams Anyama, the Moyo district chairperson on Wednesday, Ms Joyce Shida, one of the affected vendors said it is unfortunate that the MTC authority is forcing them to relocate to an area gazetted for their business without fixing sanitary facilities in place.

She said the place allocated for them lacks toilets and normally floods during the rainy season.

According to Shida, it is ill-fated that MTC law enforcers decided to collect their merchandise as a way of evicting them from the streets before addressing the challenges at the gazetted site.

Ms Topista Amudra, another vendor said since 2017, they have been moving to several places allocated to them by MTC but all the sites are not conducive enough for them to conduct their businesses.

She urged Anyama to intervene in the matter so that they can continue to fend for their families.

As a result, Anyama also described the situation as unfortunate on grounds that doing business is a matter of dealing with livelihood and development which needed sympathy on the side of MTC.

Anyama noted that the vision of the leaders of MTC may be good but he questioned the manner in which they carry out their operations against the vendors.

According to Anyama, despite having limited space in the town for businesses due to the poor physical plan of the town, a fresh physical plan would have been done to avert some of the problems affecting the development of Moyo town.

But Mr Cesar Chandiga, the MTC finance committee chairperson blamed the mess in Moyo town council on poor political leadership which he says has given room for vendors to undermine their directives that are aimed at developing the town.

Meanwhile, Mr Bob William Labeja, the Moyo Resident District Commissioner (RDC) urged the vendors to unite with MTC officials to develop the town together.

Labeja said Moyo is one of the colonial districts in Uganda with very low level of development which needs the attention of both the leaders and the community members.