NEBBI. A teenage girl is currently stuck with twins after the man who fathered the babies abandoned her for another woman.

The 18year old teenager identified as Ms Gloria Piracel, had been staying with her grandmother who she said was unable to provide her needs when he met the father of the twins.

“I met this guy when I was sixteen and he promised to take care of me, later I settled to stay with him but when he discovered that I was pregnant, he abandoned me and married another woman and since then he has failed to provide anything for me and the babies”, Piracel narrated to West Nile Web.

She said after giving birth, she was chased away from their rented house in River view cell, Nebbi municipality due to failure to pay the accumulated rent.

Luckily she was taken in by a Good Samaritan with whom she has been staying for the past five months in Akesi cell.

Piracel narrated that she had been seeking help from relevant authorities so that the father of the children could start giving support but to no avail as he constantly ignored their calls.

Mr Solva Omaki, the secretary for children’s affairs River view cell said they have tried to engage the man severally but he has remained adamant.

Omaki said one of the relatives of the said man had as well expressed unwillingness to support the troubled teenage mother despite knowing about her plight.

“Since the man is not willing to act, the only option left is to arrest him and take him to court; maybe after which he may start helping because now as it is, this young girl cannot take care of the twins since she has no income”, Omaki said.

Mr Fredrick Jawiambe, a police probation officer said this case was registered since last year and five summonses had so far been sent to the accused but he has failed to honour none of them.

“Last year, a group from Watoto church visited the district and got this mother and they were willing to take the children to their orphanage but we objected with the hope that their father may be willing to take up responsibility in case he talked to us”, Jawiambe confirmed.

He added that the option they are left with is to arrest the man and take him to court for neglect or take the children to an orphanage if the mother can accept.

According to the Nebbi district health report, every three out of ten deliveries at the health units in the district are teenagers and in the financial year 2018/2019 over 4200 teenagers delivered in the health units across district an increase from 3447 deliveries the previous year.