NEBBI. The police in Nebbi is holding a 30-year-old woman identified as Monira Waparwoth, a resident of Pubidhi Fundu cell, Thatha division in Nebbi municipality for allegedly assaulting and confining four children in her house for three days.

According to Mr George Odaga, one of the neighbours, Waparwoth on Friday beat two of her step daughters; 4 and 7 years old, leaving deep cuts on their heads and locked them in the house.

Odaga said he tried to inquire about the two from one of the children who later revealed what had happened to them.

“Waparwoth beat the children up; cutting the head of one who sustained a fracture on the arm while the other’s eye was injured. I decided to report the matter to the land lady who eventually informed the chairperson Thatha division,” Odaga narrated.

7 year old girlThe 7 year old girl (R) who sustained critical injury on her left eye after being beaten by the step mother.

He said the children have been suffering in silence because they are always tortured but warned not to cry or tell anybody.

On attempts to talk to Waparwoth about the incident, she reportedly answered that no one should interfere in her family business before the matter was reported to the authorities.

Ms Jackeline Opar, the chairperson Thatha division rued such a heartless act from a mother.

She warned that such action must be severely punished to serve as a deterrent to the public and vowed to closely work with police to serve justice to the victims.

“Such a thing has never happened in my area and I will not allow this woman to continue staying in my area. As a mother, I condemn it in the strongest terms and recommend that these children should be handed over to their relatives who can take proper care of them,” Opar said.

Mr Nicholas Natajja, the OC CID Nebbi police station said Waparwoth will be charged with assault contrary to section 236 of the penal code which states that any person who commits an assault occasioning actual bodily harm commits a misdemeanour and is liable to imprisonment for five years.

He warned care takers against such mistreatment as it can leave a permanent damage on the children and affect their growth and development.

OneOne of the girls sustained a deep cut on the head.