NEBBI. Ms Baker Akello, 65, lost her sight three years ago after developing Cataract, an eye condition that commonly affects the eye lenses.

Cataract makes the eye to become cloudy and obstructs one’s vision eventually blinding the person.

Akello, a resident of Maliri village, Kaya parish in Zombo district could not hold back her joy of having a chance to see again after undergoing a successful eye surgery at Nebbi general hospital on Thursday.

“My life has been a living hell for the past 3 years after I developed eye complications and before I knew it, I became blind and a burden to my children and family since they have to help me walk around,” she narrated.

As a result, Akello said she does not regret walking for 15 kilometres from Kaya in Zombo district to Nebbi general hospital for the eye operation.

“I had lost hope of seeing - having tried to get treatment several times but in vain,” she said.

Mr Sarafino Olwor, 78, who travelled from Palara village, Mahagi Province in Democratic Republic of Congo to Nebbi General hospital for a similar operation said it took him days to travel from Congo to have his eye sight corrected.

“It was last year, when I was involved in a nasty accident when I lost my balance by my door step forcing me to slide off and fall down. In the process, I hit my head on the ground thus affecting my sight,” Olwor narrated.

He continued: “I have sold almost all my property to raise money to help me travel to Uganda and meet these qualified eye specialists so that I can see again and be in position to support my family.”

Dr. Amos Nyathirombo, a lecturer at Gulu University teaching hospital and head of the team at the clinic revealed that the five-days exercise was meant to help patients with curable diseases.

“We are this week in Nebbi general hospital on a special eye outreach program working on everybody with eye problems but our priority is on patients who are having serious eye conditions,” Nyathirombo noted.

He said together with his team from Africa Medical Research Foundation (AMRIF) in conjunction with the ministry of health and Nebbi general hospital, they are targeting a total of l50 eye patients who are faced with eye complications.

Nyathirombo identified the common causes of Cataract as syphilis, rubella, eye injuries, illness during pregnancy, difficulties during child birth and diabetes among others.

He appealed to members of the public to have eye check-ups at least every year to avoid being victims of blindness especially people above 40 years.