NEBBI. At least eight house units and property worth millions of shillings got burnt after the police barracks at Nebbi police station went up in flames early this morning.

According to the officer in charge of the criminal investigation department at the station Mr Nocolas Nantajja, the cause of the fire is still not known as the fire started at around 2:30 am on Saturday morning.

“The cause of fire is yet to be established but it could likely be a short circuit in one of the houses of the police officers that could have caused the fire outbreak”, he said.

He noted that most officers lost their properties and they have been left homeless though they have been provided with temporary accommodation for a start.

Though the fire outbreak is the first of its kind in the barracks, no loss of life lost and injuries were but the affected officers have been left in shock and pondering the next move.

But the officer in charge of the station Mr Santos Thomwa said the fire started in the room of one of their colleagues who was out for night duty.

He said while he was in his room, he realised there was dark smoke coming from his colleagues’ room through his ceiling board which prompted him to jump out of his room only to find that the whole building was in flames and everyone was running for their dear lives and property

The fire brigade department which was 76 kilometres away in Arua district arrived one hour late for rescue and did not do much as the damage was already made.

The OC station said they expect more relief support from the police headquarters in Kampala for the affected officers.