NEBBI. All is set for the election of Member of Parliament, Mayor and councilors for Nebbi municipality. The residents go to polls on Friday.

Residents in the new municipality are also electing chairpersons and their councilors in all the three divisions.

All the six candidates for the parliamentary race finalized their campaigns on Wednesday with a call on voters to take the race serious and go to vote on Friday.

Mr Robert Onega, the FDC flag bearer urged the people of Nebbi to take the election seriously and not to vote for party but for someone who will effectively represent them.

"I will be the true voice of the people of Nebbi municipality and will speak for them but not like other leaders who just go to parliament to keep quite" he said.

He decried the high unemployment rate among the youth, whom he noted constitute the largest proportion of population but are marginalized and rendered unproductive due to bad policies which he promised to address once elected.

"If elected I will change this and will do proper monitoring and sensitisation so that those who get the money put it to good use since currently there is completely no sign of this project on ground" he said.

He criticized president Musevenis' remarks that those who did arts instead of science should apply for youth livelihood program money since there are no jobs while in Nebbi last week saying it was unfortunate that the government still thinks of spoon feeding the youths yet the process of getting the money is also marred by segregation, nepotism and corruption.

His main challenger, Mr Sulaiman Hashim of NRM promised that he will work towards improving the health sector by lobbying and making sure that each division in the municipality gets a health facility with an ambulance to help in emergencies.

Hashim also promised to follow up the presidential pledge of tarmacking the 16km Nebbi-Goli road, a thing he said has been long overdue. He said it will be his first priority once elected.

Others in the race are Ms Betty Pacutho Udongo, Mr Berocan Okorolal, Mr Enrico Opio and former public service minister and prominent businessman Mr Patrick Okumu Ringa.

Electoral commission officials said voting materials are expected in Nebbi early Thursday today.