NEBBI. His Majesty Philip Olarker Rauni III, the king of Alur kingdom has called for peace and harmony among his chiefs saying infighting and disunity can only help to cast the kingdom in bad light.

The King who was addressing his chiefs at the royal palace in Nebbi municipality on Saturday also lashed out to factions which are fighting the kingdom saying Alur kingdom is recognised by the constitution of Uganda and that those fighting it are wasting their time.

“We should strive to promote peace and not fight over none issues because all I know is we are all Alur people and we are one with only one king who is the Ubimo, so let’s work as one to develop it because such letters make us look bad and hinders development”, he said.

The king was particularly referring to a recent letter purportedly written by the chief of Jonam Mr Odong Madir III addressed to the King and distancing the chiefdom of Jonam from the affairs of Alur kingdom.

“It has never appeared anywhere in history, culture, and tradition that Alur chiefdom or any tribe has dominated the Jonam traditional administration but what we know is that the Europeans came and found only two chiefdoms in West Nile and that is Jonam and Alur chiefdoms” the letter signed by the chiefdom’s attorney general Mr Gaudese Albine Japyem reads in part.

The letter further noted that Jonam kingdom has Ker kwaro Association whose right hand person is Odong Mudir III, the chief of Puvungu.

But Mr Peter Athindha, the chief of Boro Panyimur attributed the brain behind the letter to Mr Odong Mudir whom he accused of being and main cause of conflict and confusion among the Jonam people.

“The people of Jonam are affiliated to Alur kingdom and we pay our allegiance to the king of Alur but Odong has been confusing the people yet he is not even a chief as he claims" Athindha stated.

But Odong Mudir III, when contacted for a comment denied the allegations saying he is the chief of Ker kwaro and he affiliates to both Ker Alur and chiefdom of Acholi and distanced himself from the letter and condemned it.

“Those who are talking ill about me are just jealous of my work because I manage my kingdom properly and that letter was from Ragem chiefdom of which I have no idea as to who wrote the letter" He said.

Last month chief Odong declined to attend the coronation ceremony of the Alur king in Atyak sub county Zombo district attended by president Museveni, he also stated that he would decline donations by the president of building houses for all the 36 chiefs of the kingdom saying Jonam were a separate entity and should be treated as such.