NEBBI. The King of Alur kingdom has instituted a nine member committee to verify and establish authenticity and the number of Chiefs in the Kingdom.

His highness Philip Olarker Rauni III’s directive follows complaints from Chiefs that many people are claiming their title yet in real sense, some of them are advisors.

It is also reported that the problem is as a result of the recent Presidential pledge during the King’s coronation anniversary at Atyak Sub County that each of the 32 Chiefs will get a house.

According to the available Kingdom records, there are 56 Chiefs in Alur Kingdom but now the King wants this to be verified, a reason he has tasked the nine member committee to follow the history of each Chiefdom and boundary.

The committee headed by the Culture Minister of the Kingdom, Mr Omirambe Maracito is expected to present its findings to the King by 8th of December this year before it goes to the council.

During the last council sitting at the Royal Palace in Nebbi Municipal council on Saturday, the King said the findings will also help the Kingdom to establish proper administrative structures right from the lowest level.

Mr Ivan Sumba, the Chief of Zeu said self-proclaimed Chiefs have overshadowed the genuine ones who now feel resigned and unable to perform their duties as expected.

“The Kingdom cannot have a structure unless the Chiefs are classified according to their level because you cannot elect someone as an advisor to be a Speaker,” he said.

He added that other Chiefs are using money to buy Chiefdoms which is against the culture because there are people who are to be advisors now claim that they are Chiefs.

Similarly, Mr Opar Mudir, the Chief of Puvungu said there should be documentation of Chiefdoms because there are so many mushrooming Chiefdoms which are confusing the people.

“Some of these Chiefdoms do not have their logo or stamps and they are using the logo of Ker Alur which is not good because they are misrepresenting the Kingdom," he said.

But Mr William Opar, the Chief of Ocego Chiefdom sounded reconciliatory instead blaming the confusion on greed and lack of spirit for sharing

“Don’t be greedy in the Kingdom because everybody here has subjects and that makes them Chiefs in their areas of jurisdiction. To be a Chief, there is no need to go in to the details or history of their existence but we should learn to share and live as one,” Opar stated.