NEBBI. The King of Alur, His Majesty Phillip Olarker Rauni III has ordered the Kingdoms’ land board committee to investigate allegations of illegal land grabbing by some of his Chiefs in the kingdom.

The investigation will be headed by the kingdom’s Attorney General, Mr Bob Opio.

The King said land grabbing and connivance with some rich individuals has tarnished the image of the Kingdom in the communities, a thing which should not have happened in the first place.

The King revealed this while addressing a press conference on Thursday at his palace in Akesi cell, Abindu division, Nebbi municipality.

He said some Chiefs now use their powers to intimidate members of the community with false threats of witch craft in order to take their land.

The king attributed the escalating cases of land conflict where others have resulted into violence to lost confidence among the people in the Chiefs who should have acted as mediators to solve the problems but instead fuel it with their appetite for money.

“My people are losing their land to the rich because some of my chiefs are money minded and they have failed to speak the truth about the demarcation of lands in their communities,” Rauni said.

He identified some of the most affected areas where land grabbing is rampant as Padolo in Erusi Sub County, Patera in Atyak and Panyigoro areas in Pakwach Sub County.

The other is among the community of Agule and Acer in Ndhew Sub County where the people of Acer were accused of displacing their Agule counterparts from their land.

Opio said they have been receiving numerous complaints from community members accusing the local Chiefs of land related issues which has created insecurity in the Kingdom.

He explained that out of 100 land cases reported in the kingdom by the community members, 80% of them are associated with accusation of local Chiefs having hands in the land grabbing.

The probe committee has been given two months after which the report will be handed to the King for action.

During the press conference, the King also castigated rampant cases of corruption in both the kingdom and the local governments where he said the kingdom is supposed to provide moral authority.

“Corruption is killing us not only in government, but also in the Kingdom AND that is why we are facing mistrust among the community,” Olarker said.

King Olarker also called for reconciliation following the recent Nebbi municipal council parliamentary elections which has polarized council administration.