NEBBI. The King of Alur, His Majesty Philip Olaker Rauni III has urged his people to support the Kingdom in an effort to preserve the cherished cultural heritage and identity of the Alur people.

Speaking during a stakeholders’ engagement in Nebbi town early this week, the King said whereas the Kingdom and its leadership are the custodians of the cultural heritage, the Ubimu (King) alone cannot succeed in preserving it.

“It should be the role of all of us to embrace our culture and one way of preserving and promoting our culture is through participating in the Kingdom programmess that relate to culture,” he said.

Some of the strategies the Kingdom has put in place to promote and preserve culture are documenting of Alur Intangible Cultural Heritage, holding annual fun-filled coronation events at Atyak-Winam, celebrating the stories and histories of Alur people and undertaking oral history recordings of people’s stories and songs.

Others are organizing annual inter-school and inter-clan cultural gala competitions showcasing music, food, and fashion, organizing annual Kopu P’ Ubimu football and sports competitions.

“It is my appeal that you take part in these programmes especially the youth and I also encourage you who live outside the Kingdom to take it as a good practice to teach our culture to your children through practicing and it is, therefore, my appeal to you to look back and support the Kingdom in its work to preserve our culture and heritage,” he added.

Mr Vincent Ochaya Orach, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom said the King expects every Alur to contribute towards the development of the Kingdom.

He revealed that the Kingdom is coming up with a strategy where every subject will contribute shs1000 every year to support the Kingdom.

“As a Kingdom, we have started projects to build the capacity of our Chiefs so that they can effectively play their roles in ensuring cultural development as well as the human development of our people,” he said.

Ms Florence Atimango, a resident of Ocego Chiefdom said it used to be a norm to support the Kingdom by giving foodstuffs and doing manual works which was the responsibility of the subjects.

“Giving shs1000 per annum per person is not a bad idea because the Alur people are many, so this will effectively help the Kingdom in its development initiatives,” she said.