NEBBI. Alur Kingdom, in the new strategic plan of 2020-2024 has set to implement a broad framework of cultural values commonly referred to as the Kura Matira.

Kura Matira in Alur, refers to an ancient tribal philosophy that is grounded in the principles of humanness, community, caring or stewardship and good conduct.

“The new direction that Alur Kingdom is pursuing with Kura Matira will ensure that our partners appreciate how cultural values can be aligned to national goals in playing a critical role in the development agenda,” His Majesty Philip Olaker Rauni III, the King of Alur said.

Olaker said the strategic agenda will place the Kingdom in an excellent position to play a leading role in harnessing positive cultural values, traditions, principles and practices for development.

He was speaking during the forum for development of the greater Nebbi meeting in Nebbi municipality on Sunday.

The forum brings a cross section of leaders from Pakwach, Zombo and Nebbi districts; gathering cultural, political and civil leaders to address common issues.

Mr Bob Opio, the Attorney General of Alur Kingdom said the strategy will have schools as its entry point as they target the youth.

He said wives of cultural leaders will also be trained so that they can promote the strategy amongst the women folk.

“We also want to work in partnership with other Kingdoms to push for a curriculum in schools to include culture,” Opio further stated.

The officials acknowledged that most of the people had forgotten about Kura Matira while the young people completely do not know what it is. This, the Kingdom officials said will pose a big challenge in the attempts to revive it.

“The few people who could help us are aging and dying, and we fear that we may lose all the values and that is why, we want to start it now in schools,” he said.

Mr Coasmic Japyem Adubango, a Kingdom loyalist noted that the Kura Matira practice is a good value which was followed by all, but with the influence of western culture, the people have deviated especially the youth.