NEBBI. The outgoing Bishop of Nebbi Catholic diocese has urged the clergy he is leaving behind to remain united and work together to lead the people of Nebbi to the promised land.

Speaking during his last Mass at Nebbi Cathedral parish on Thursday, Rt Rev Sanctus Lino Wanok who has been appointed the bishop of Lira diocese encouraged the clergy to follow what was agreed during the synod that a family is a domestic church and use it to lead the people.

“Do not be afraid, take courage and move just like Moses told Joshua to cross the river and you will lead the people of God to the promised land and now I leave this church in your hands and with unity and togetherness you will lead them" he said.

He called on the catechist to support the priests and encouraged them to open their doors to not only Catholics and stay united for they don’t know when the new bishop will be appointed.

“Nebbi diocese is blessed because it has been able to grow very first and managed to produce 4 bishops before even celebrating 25 years which means that the Pope has Nebbi diocese at heart" he added.

Fr Gorge Angala, a priest in the diocese noted that the departure of bishop Wanok may be a blessing because the diocese shall get a new bishop who will start where his predecessor has stopped for the better.

“I saw some people crying but instead we should be praying for the bishop and the people of Nebbi diocese to remain one during this moment as we wait for a new leader", he said.

Mr. Festo Thugitho, the chairman of the Pastoral Council of the diocese said they hope God will give them another great shepherd to replace him.

“I worked with him. He was a wonderful man of God, I couldn’t believe, but it’s the will of God”, He said.

Mr. Owonda P'romano, a parishioner said: “we are wondering what will come next, but he was the best for us, he treated us like a real flock, you could access him anytime, we hope the new one will fit his shoes”.

Rt Rev Santos Lino Wanok was appointed new bishop of Lira diocese by His Holiness the Pope in November 2018.

Bishop Wanok was born on 7th April 1957, at Ukuru Pamach village in Zombo district, West Nile region in Warr parish, Nebbi Catholic diocese.

He was ordained deacon on 31st August 1986 at Ediofe Parish and ordained Priest on 27/09/1986 at Warr Parish by Bishop Fredrick Drandua.

From 2005 to the time of his election as bishop, he was the Vicar General of Nebbi Catholic diocese.

On 08/02/2011, His Holiness Pope Benedict XV1 elected him as the third Bishop of Nebbi Catholic diocese.