NEBBI. The Nebbi district deputy chief administration officer (ACAO) Ms Jesica Ongyertho has attributed the high dropout rate of the girl-child in primary schools to the poor attitude of male parents towards menstrual cycle.

Speaking during a community dialogue on poor performance in the district at Nyaravur primary school on Monday, Ongyertho blamed male parents for not doing much in supporting their daughters during their menstruation periods, a reason many are forced to drop out of school.

“A number of young girls have nowhere to turn to when it comes to menstruation period just because most of the times, their fathers are shy to openly talk to them about the monthly cycle. They believe it is the role of their mothers to do so,” she said.

Ongyertho advised that as fathers, it is time to become responsible by talking to girls about their menstruation period.

“This is the only way we shall make the girls to love their bodies and stay in school,” she added.

Similarly, Ms Patricia Thiwe, the assistant district health officer asked fathers not to think that it is a taboo for men to talk about menstruation period.

She instead said male parents should know that the monthly cycle is a normal process every woman is proud of going through.

“Male parents should get involved and start talking to their daughters about menstrual cycle because it is no longer a task for women alone,” Thiwe said.

During the dialogue, Mr Cosmic Ocowun attacked his fellow men that fear to talk and support their daughters during the menstruation period, saying their act is purely a sign of being irresponsible.

He said as fathers, there is a need to open up and talk to the girl child about their period since there is no secret about it.

But Mr Paul Opio one of the parents blamed the girls for failing to inform their fathers about their monthly cycle.

“When it comes to menstruation, the girls are more open to their mothers. They fear to inform us that they are undergoing the monthly menstruation periods and as a result, it is only their mothers who can talk to them about it,” Opio argued.

The Nyaravur sub-county chairperson, Mr Alex Judagi said the poor parental mindset towards supporting the girl child in all aspect of life while in school is a big factor that needs to be addressed in the district.

“Most men have left their domestic responsibility to women and it is the reason they look at menstrual cycle as a burden and women's affair,” Judagi said.