NEBBI. Community members of Akanyo trading center Kucwiny Sub County on Wednesday attacked sub county officials who had gone to arrest some of the members of Akanyo youth produce and selling group who have failed to pay back their money since 2014.

The sub county chief of Kucwiny, Mr Christopher Ongom said when the officials reached the center at 6am and wanted to arrest the chairperson of the group, he decided to make an alarm which alerted the rest of the community who came out with pangas to attack the officials.

“We have been trying to talk to this group to pay their money but every time we organize to meet them, they don’t turn up so recovering this money became difficult and that is why we organized to arrest them to force them to repay it” he said.

It was among the first groups that benefited from the Youth Livelihood Project. They were given 5 Million Ugandan shillings which they have failed to pay saying it is free money from government.

Ongom said recovering the money by use of force has been working well with other groups until the latest incident where they were attacked.

“We have instituted a criminal proceeding and we are still recording statements at Kucwiny police post, we want all these people arrested and prosecuted and if this fails, we shall stop following groups to recover this money because this is demoralizing” he added.

The youth livelihood focal point person at the district Mr Erick Abedkane said since 2014, the group has only paid 240,000 Ugandan shillings and since then, they have failed to cooperate hence the force.

Out of 669 Million Ugandan shillings given out in the district, only 150 Million Ugandan shillings has been recovered from 141 groups since 2014 but technical officials accuse politicians of discouraging the youths from repaying the loan saying it’s their own money from the government.

Officials noted that recovery of the money has been further made difficult by the fact that some of the money was divided by individual youths and changed locations while others are unwilling to repay.

The Youth Livelihood Project is aimed at giving the youth groups the opportunity to come together and get involved in business to improve their income levels and livelihoods.

Mr Geoffrey Okaka, the Chief Administrative Officer said most of the youths are not committed to refunding the money.

Okaka said they are going to re-mobilize the groups and see that the money is paid as non-repayment is blocking others from benefiting from the scheme.