NEBBI. Nebbi district councillors have asked the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to consider deleting the names of health workers who went for study leave without letters of approval from the District Service Commission (DSC).

The decision follows a probe committee report indicating that a total of 12 health workers attached to Nebbi General Hospital went for study leave without being authorized by the district.

While presenting the report to the council on Wednesday, Mr Geoffrey Thorwinywa, the councillor representing Thatha Division to the district council revealed that at least 12 staffs of Nebbi General Hospital have gone for further studies without release letters from the DSC.

He said the action of the medics violates the law and tantamount to abscondment from duty.

“The 12 medical personnel from Nebbi General Hospital are reported to be on study leave without clear approval while others have surpassed the period of 4 years granted for their studies without extension of their leave yet they continue receiving their salaries,” he said.

It is for this reason that Mr Gabriel Ocibire, the district councillor representing Nebbi sub-county asked the district CAO to consider deleting the names of the said health works off the payroll.

He said the medics have continued receiving taxpayers’ money in terms of salary without serving the purpose for which they were recruited.

Ocibire also cautioned officials attached to the Human Resource department to desist from the practice of granting study leave to civil servants without assessing the gap they will creat back at their workplaces.

He went ahead to recommend that the CAO should call back all the staffs that have surpassed their study leave period and punish them for absconding from duty.

But when contacted, Mr Gilbert Onencan, the Nebbi assistant CAO said the councillors’ demand to delete names of civil servants from the payroll can’t work since, in the local government, there are clear procedures to be followed before taking such a decision.

He noted that as the office of the CAO, they will formalize the process to ensure that the right channels are followed if study leaves are to be granted to civil servants.