NEBBI. Nebbi district Covid-19 task force has rejected the controversial shs20 million from the Padyere county member of parliament Mr Joshua Anyarach.

The rejection was on the account that the MP dishonored the committee when he delegated and personally failed to come and deliver the money.

His agents who delivered the money declined to speak saying they were only directed to hand over the money but not to speak on his behalf.

Mr Emmanuel Urombi, the district chairman said on Monday that by Anyarach sending the money through his agent to hand it over to the task force undermined their authority.

“We don’t operate in secrete, therefore he should have come and handed over the money to the task force himself as they have been told or he should have written something to show that he was committed”, he said.

He said they will not receive the money unless he comes or puts it in writing for accountability purposes.

The task force committee was also angered by statements allegedly uttered by the MP on a local radio the previous night that he was handing the money to the task force on political reasons though he never elaborated further.

Mr Christopher Omara, the Nebbi resident district commissioner (RDC) castigated Anyarach for thinking that task force members were benefiting from donations.

“Our work is to receive this money and it will be returned to the consolidated account, so I do not see any reason why someone should say they will misuse the money”, he said.

Omara said though the MP’s communication on the radio was ambiguous, it appeared to be implicating the task force.

But Anyarach could not be reached for a comment as all his known numbers have been put off.

But Mr James Angala, a resident of Abindu cell, Nebbi municipality supported the task force decision of rejecting the money saying the MP failed to recognize the tireless efforts of the task force ever since the outbreak of the pandemic.

“He should have taken this money himself to the task force like what other MPs are doing because they where given enough time to deliver this money to the districts”, he said.

While delivering the shs20million on Monday at the district headquarters, Mr Hashim Suleiman, the Nebbi municipality MP urged the district task force to follow guidelines given so that the money does not raise audit queries.

“Don’t bring politics in to this money because it will end up diverting attention and this will attract audit query which will not be good for the district”, he said.