NEBBI. Elders of Agule and Acer with the help of officials from Alur kingdom have performed cultural rituals in what they claimed will help to cleanse the land of the two clans following the murder a member in a land dispute in May last year.

Mr. Omirabe Marachtho, the deputy prime minister of Alur kingdom and minister of culture who officiated over the function said the ritual is the beginning of reconciliation process between the two communities so that they can start living together as they used to without any bad omen resulting from the murder of Gabriel Jakisa.

“Such killings are not the first of its kind, there are many others that have been solved the same way and the people come together and start living in harmony and this will not be any different,” he said.

He said what has happened cannot be solved within a day but the two parties should come together with the help of the leaders and work as a team so that lasting peace can be achieved.

“We have been trying for a while to unite the two communities but it is surprising that chief Ocungi Chivor has been adamant and has been discouraging the people of Acer to attend the meetings and as a kingdom, we shall deal with him accordingly” Omirabe added.

He said that the chief has been invited three times by the king of the Alur and the resident district commissioner (RDC) but he refused to honour the invitations adding that government should now deal with him accordingly.

Mr. Bosco Okwai, the LC III chairman of Ndew sub-county said he is optimistic that with the performance of the ritual, the issue has been settled peacefully.

“The people spoiling the peace of these communities are Mr. Ocungi Chivor, the chief of Acer and Aure Junior his Secretary who both have interest in the land” he added.

Mr. Emmanuel Oriba, another elder from Agule said they are ready to reconcile with the people of Acer but expressed fear that their continued failure to come for meetings shows that they are not ready for reconciliation.

“We are suffering, our children are not going to school and we lost everything during the raid, we want to return so that we start serious farming to raise money for school fees”. Oriba said.

Meanwhile Mr. Bob Williams Labeja, the Nebbi RDC promised the residents of Agule that by 20th of January, his team will return to them because all they were waiting for was the ritual which has been performed.

“I know you lost everything during the raid and I have written to the office of the prime minister to assist you with some relief items like cooking utensils but if you agree you can start construction of your houses as we wait for the relief and I will protect you," Labeja said.

The Agule community was driven away from their land by the Acar in May 2018 burning their huts and raiding animals in the process over a land dispute. The community, with a population of more than 100 people have since not returned to their homes and have been living in a nearby village with dire need of relief.