NEBBI. The Nebbi district resident district commissioner (RDC) Mr Christopher Omara has asked parents to give their children early sex education.

Omara said this as a remedy to stop the rampant child pregnancies and early marriages in the district.

While addressing the market vendors on Wednesday, he said it had become a fashion for teenagers in the district to give birth because they know their parents are ready to take up the responsibility of upbringing the grandchildren.

He also blamed parents for eagerly accepting to take care of the children of their young daughters insisting that it’s the reason for the increase in teenage pregnancies.

“It is the parents encouraging these girls to get pregnant because they are ready to support them when they are abandoned by the men who impregnate them which is not right” he said.

“As parents, we should focus on educating our children which is the best gift a parent can give to a child and start talking to them about sex earlier so that they understand the dangers of getting involved in sex at an early stage”, he added.

However, a cross section of people that spoke to West Nile Web strongly disagreed with the RDC’s notion.

“As a mother I cannot leave my daughter to suffer on the street with her child, I rather help her and think of taking her back to school after delivery and that was what I did for my 16 year old girl and now she is in senior two”, said Ms Beatrice Ayerango a mother of three.

Ayerango warned that abandoning a girl on the street with her baby can lead to what she called double tragedy where the girl can commit suicide.

Mr Patrick Tino, a resident of Oryang cell, Thatha division, Nebbi municipality said there is no need to blame the parents because they are really struggling to educate the girls.

He claimed that most of the young girls do not listen to advice from their parents. He also said abandoning the young girls once pregnant would lead to a bigger problem if the man responsible for the pregnancy forsakes her too.

But Mr Salim Husain blamed the trend of increasing early pregnancies on the government claiming that the promotion of children’s right without emphasising on the responsibilities is the sole cause of the worrying trend.