NEBBI. Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has said it will challenge the election results declaring NRM candidate, Mr Sulaiman Hashim as winner.

The Nebbi district returning officer Mr Raymond Kasarale last night declared Hashim with 4283 votes as winner of the race followed by FDCs’ Robert Onega who garnered 4159 votes.

But FDC’s regional coordinator and Obongi county MP Mr Hassan Kaps Fungaro say there are fertile grounds for the party to challenge the results in court.

“We are going to court because the whole process was fraudulent; we have enough evidence that these elections were rigged in favour of NRM candidate, first of all, the ballot boxes were tampered with on arrival in Nebbi which the commission confirmed” Fungaro said.

He also said the actual number of votes for the MPs went above the other positions which were being voted for adding that electoral commission officials hid the biometric machines to conceal the theft.

“How can the mayor and their hub have the same number of voters which is 32000 and for parliament 50000 people yet the voting was done at the same time and polling station” he asked.

While police accused Fungaroo of inciting violence at the tally centre and Nebbi town, the legislator said monopoly of violence belonged to the police force.

The mayoral seat was won by Mr Geoffrey Ngeriker of NRM beat Mr Chombe Muchek, who has been the town council chairman before it was elevated to municipality.

Police beats Journalists

At the tally centre last night, police also beat up journalists accredited to cover the elections as they prevented them from listening to descanting views of politicians who never agreed with the outcome.

Mr Patrick Okaba, a Daily Monitor reporter said he was beaten and kicked badly.

“These guys beat us badly, they never wanted us to talk to Mr Fungaroo yet as a journalist I cant rely on a single source. I feel a lot of pain in my spine and in the back” Okaba said.

The regional journalist umbrella organization the West Nile Press Association has issued a statement condemning the police violent act against the journalists.
“We condemn any act of violence against anybody and more so against journalist by the police which was under the command of regional police commander Mr Jonathan Musinguzi. We call upon the police hierarchy to bring such commanders to book” the statement reads in part.