NEBBI. In a bid to boost Aquaculture in Nebbi district, the office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has partnered with Gulu University to start training interested groups under the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund III (NUSAF III) in fish farming.

According to Mr Danny Siega, the head of the Agriculture and Environment department at Gulu University who doubles as the coordinator of NUSAF III Aquaculture Enterprise, the project is aimed at introducing the 8 watershed technology in the district.

He said the technology is appropriate in fish production and that they will use it to support at least 30 per cent of the targeted communities to acquire value addition facilities and services.

“As Gulu University, we will also provide capacity building and technical services to support the communities to transfer skills and knowledge to the different NUSAF groups in Nebbi district through practical hand-on approach for increased production and productivity,” he said.

Siega added that they will mainly promote cage fish farming of which the group which performs better in production will attract more funding from the university to help them to increase on their harvest.

Ms Caroline Ukethwengu, the Nebbi district NUSAF desk officer said although the groups for fish farming have not yet been approved by OPM, there is still hope that they will get funding since the government wants to promote fish farming a reason Gulu University was brought on board.

Mr Wilfred Obedirwoth, the chairperson Namrwodho group watershed said the partnership is a good initiative that will equip them with the knowledge on how best they can handle fish farming for increased production.

“We are grateful that the government has decided to enter in partnership with Gulu University because it will help us learn more about fish farming which will in turn boost production hence eradicating poverty,” Obedirwoth said.