NEBBI. The Inspectorate of Government (IGG) has taken over investigations into the mismanagement of tea project money and the disappearance of the project files from the concerned offices.

The resident district commissioner Arua Mr Bob William Labeja said the responsible officers must be brought to book.

“We are waiting for the IGG's report on the project and offices like operation wealth creation secretariat, the chief administrative officer, the Production office and the suppliers will all have to answer where the money was spent", he said.

Mr Geoffrey Okaka, the chief Administrative officer said they are ready for anything that will be decided to redeem the project and their names.

“We had decided as a district not to continue with this project because it is not doing well as expected but Uganda development cooperation has promised to work with the farmers and that is why we have decided to maintain the project", Okaka noted.

He regretted the previous setbacks of why the project failed to take root but expressed optimism that with proper sensitisation of farmers on how to manage the seedlings by Uganda development co-operation the project is bound to succeed.

“For the missing files the internal audit is investigating and if it is complete, i will hand over the report to police for further action”, He said.

The government of Uganda injected over shs2 billion in the tea project in Nebbi district, the project had been an initiative of the Alur kingdom to benefit over 2000 farmers in Erussi and Ndhew sub counties to help fight poverty.

The project which was started in 2015, registered a total failure as no single tea plantation was established though the money was spent.

More suspicion about the project was raised when the project documents containing details of beneficiaries and accountabilities went missing.