NEBBI. Authorities in Nebbi municipality have expressed concern over a growing night population since the beginning of November all in the pretext of catching grasshoppers.

The population, which mostly comprise of women, children and youths, begins to surge from 7pm till 6am the following morning.

A population of people ranging between 50 to 200 is seen crumbling around verandas with security lights and street lights on the main streets of the town.

Authorities have now observed that some of those who come from far with pretext of catching the delicacy come with a different motive of immorality.

According to the president of grater Nebbi forum, Mr Emilio Odongo, the grasshoppers’ activity has resulted into rape and defilement which are going on unreported while others give sexual favours in exchange of the grasshoppers.

He said mothers and children travel for more than four kilometres from the municipal to catch grasshoppers in town which has become concerns to everybody in town because at the end, most of girls don’t report home.

“As the president for greater Nebbi forum, I have written letter to RDC of Nebbi to intervene into the matter, since young girls are at risk of contracting HIV and AIDS”, Odongo said.

The chairperson of Thatha division in Nebbi municipal Ms Jacklyn Opar said they thought locals were only coming to catch the grasshoppers at the beginning of the season to improve their livelihoods but now the situation has turned into insecurity.

She also condemned the act of some parents who abandon their children at night to go for grasshoppers and yet their security is not guaranteed.

She urged parents to control the movement of their children at night to avoid being knocked and falling into victims of rape and defilement.

One of the parents, Mr John Omika said some children escape from homes making it hard to control them at night as no parent would allow his or her child to go out at later hours to hunt grasshoppers.

Mr Bob Williams Labeja, the resident district commissioner Nebbi said he has been doing night patrol and has seen all kinds of bad behaviours including rape, drug abuse and defilement among others.

“I am starting with sensitization of the masses this week and meeting with the municipal and division authorities and there we shall start arresting children on the street at night and keep them for the night but their parents will be arrested for neglect” he said.

A section of residents also alleged that some residents use the opportunity to go for promiscuous activities but give excuse of grasshoppers.

It Is growing concern as women and girls have resorted in to immorality in the street of nebbi town in the name of harvesting grasshoppers and this has resulted into security threats as thousands of people sleep on streets and verandas as they wait for grasshoppers’ hours.

Within the period of one week in Nebbi municipal town, the population of people in town starts emerging from 7pm up to 6Am in the morning as people travel long distance to town for grasshoppers.

In every point where light for grasshoppers is put at least there are over 200 people surrounding the place and waiting for grasshoppers.

The grasshoppers have not only increased the populations in town at night, but also increased the rate of immorality among the young people and women in order to get access to the areas.