NEBBI. His royal majesty Philip Olarker Rauni III, the King of Alur kingdom has urged the district local governments in the greater Nebbi to join hands with the kingdom and work for development.

Speaking during a meeting with the leadership of the three districts Nebbi, Zombo and Pakwach on Friday, the King said most times the Alur people are letting themselves down because they tend to focus more on their differences than similarities.

“We tend to look for small things that have no significance to our development, it’s high time we started to focus on things that unite us and bring about development in the greater Nebbi”, the King said.

He said the aim of the meeting with the district leadership was to develop a clear working partnership between Alur kingdom and the district local governments in the great Alur land since it is one of the ways to achieve their goals.

“I am asking the three district local government leadership to commit to working not only with cultural institutions in this case Alur kingdom but also with other sectors in our land so that we can find common ground to work and develop our land”, he added.

He urged the districts to have a clear working understanding with the kingdom and proposals to be written and approved in council so as to include the cultural institution in the district planning process because this will also help in boosting mobilization by the chiefs rather than inviting them for the ceremonies only to open and close meetings.

Rwoth Odong Madir, the chief of Puvungu said they have been stripped of their powers to mobilize and also benefit from all government programs.

He noted that for long, district leaders have failed to engage the Alur chiefdom from taking part in all government activities which has affected service delivery.

“All along government leaders, if they are budgeting they don’t involve us in the process and we are not always in the know of what they have done or are doing, our opinions are also never captured”, he said.

Mr Robert Steen Omito, the Pakwach district chairperson said it was a good proposal but needed to be passed through the though he said had no problem with it.

“The kingdom needs to officially write to the districts and the issues will have to be discussed by technical planning committee before taking it before the district council for blessing”, he said

Mr Gilbert Onencan, an official from the chief administrator’s office in Nebbi said it was unfortunate that some chiefs do not want to participate in developmental programs in their areas

“This meeting has come in timely because we have been looking for an opportunity to interface with chiefs because we believe they can help a lot when it comes to mobilization and for us we are willing to work with the kingdom”, he noted.

He called upon the chiefs to get involved in the planning process of all the programs in the district because they can act as whistle blowers in case there is misuse of public resources as they look forward to a good working relationship.