NEBBI. Leaders in the districts of Pakwach, Nebbi and Zombo have been advised to take leadership as a responsibility and not just titles.

Speaking during a regional meeting on public service delivery in the greater Nebbi on Wednesday in Nebbi municipality, Mr Charles Olweny Mulozi, the project coordinator for Action Aid observed that majority of Ugandans look at leadership as a title rather than a responsibility.

He said the reason why people are easily forgotten about after their death is because of bad leadership record they leave behind adding that they begin thinking of themselves first on how to amass wealth instead of the public whom they are supposed to serve.

“In order to remain in the hearts of the people and have a lasting legacy, leaders should learn to be accountable, transparent and responsible”, he said.

He added that the state of public service delivery is deteriorating at a high rate manifesting itself in poor performance in schools and poor medical services among others.

Olweny advised that leaders should stop blame games and lamentations and work towards improving service delivery in the greater Nebbi.

“With the continuous reduction in the funds given to the district, leaders should constructively engage central government and tell her that the money being given to the districts are not enough for effective service delivery and need to be increased", he stated.

But Mr Bob Williams Labeja, the resident district commissioner Nebbi said the biggest challenge is people get into leadership with the mentality of getting rich quickly.

Labeja said the rampant corruption in the country is due to that attitude adding that leaders need to be open and transparent in doing public works.

“Instead of working to leave a lasting legacy, most leaders just want to get rich within a short time and that is why they are not transparent and responsible for what happens in the districts", he said.

He advised leaders responsible for delivering public services to fight corruption so as to improve service delivery in greater Nebbi districts.