NEBBI. Leaders in Nebbi district have described Alwi dry corridor water project as a failed water mission that need to be taken over by National Water and Sewerage Cooperation (NWSC).

The project was designed to benefit the people of Nebbi and Pakwach through gravity flow scheme after Vambeco, the contractor handing it over to ministry of Water last year.

It was then handed over to Northern umbrella for water and sanitation but their operations have failed to reach peoples' expectations of increased water connections in various villages.

Mr Hushim Suleiman, the Nebbi municipality Member of parliament said there is general complain from the community that they are not benefiting from this project and that is why there are chaos with others threatening to vandalise the pipes since they are not supplying water.

“I urge the district leaders to write to the ministry to consider handing over Alwi dry corridor water project to National water and sewage cooperation because they have the capacity to supply water constantly” Suleiman said.

George Adubango Kermundu, a prominent business man and district NRM chairman said locals were connected to the project for more than a year but have been frustrated because the taps are not giving water saying NWSC would do a better job.

He said areas like Akworo and Parombo are some of the town’s that where earmarked to benefit from the Alwi dry corridor water project but this has not happened up to know.

“Parombo is an industrial town which has no water and during dry season, a jerrycan of dirty water cost up to sh1000 which is quite expensive for the locals" he said.

He said Parombo has a big population who are in need of clean water and Alwi dry corridor cannot help them.

Eng Silver Mugisha, the managing director NWSC said that they have been having legal challenges with taking water to Parombo but now they have been given the green light and soon work will start to that effect.

Mugisha 17 11 18Eng Silver Mugisha, the Managing Director of NWSC speaks during a meeting with Nebbi district leaders.

“And for Alwi i encourage you to put pressure on the ministry of water to handover the Alwi dry corridor water project to National water and you should be able to follow it as district leaders because we have the capacity to handle it, but it is you to push for it” he said.

Ms Rachel Frances Adyango, the deputy resident district commissioner Nebbi revealed that authorities last week pleaded with locals of Oweko parish in Parombo who wanted to vandalise the water tank because they have not been able to receive water from it.

“We are going to write to the ministry water to handover the management of Alwi dry corridor to NWSC because the northern umbrella has failed” she said.

In 2015, the government of Uganda injected sh25 billion in the Alwi dry corridor water project in an effort to improve access to water in 10 sub counties of Nebbi and Pakwach districts but this has since failed to be realised in 2018.