NEBBI. Local Chiefs of Alur Kingdom have been put on the spot for allegedly mismanaging the money meant for the Kingdom’s traditional marriage certificates.

Marriage certificates were introduced by Alur kingdom in 2015 but the idea failed to yield fruits due to allegations of mismanagement of funds by some Chiefs.

As a result, it is said that many locals lost interest in embracing the idea thus opting for Church and other forms of marriage.

The marriage certificates were earlier designed basing on different financial capabilities of the local community ranging from Silver, Gold and Diamond with different charges ranging from 10,000 to 200,000 Uganda shillings.

Upon marriage, the traditional certificates signed by the King and the local Chiefs would act as a source of local revenue for the Kingdom to facilitate its activities since it has limited revenue to rely on.

But according to Mr Vincent Ochaya, the Alur kingdom Prime Minister, out of over 200 certificates sold by the Chiefs, none of them has endeavoured to remit the funds to the Kingdom coffers but instead decided to use the money for their own personal benefit.

Ocaya added that ideally, the traditional marriage certificates were introduced to discourage early marriage and polygamy as some of the factors the Kingdom is trying to fight for contributing to the numerous cases of land wrangles in the area.

“Currently the sensitization of the Chiefs is ongoing and they are also being trained on financial management before we consider reintroducing the traditional marriage certificates,” Ocaya said.

He explained that although some people are questioning the legality of the Kingdom’s traditional marriage certificates, plans to formalize the process are already underway much as the Church and Court recognize the process.

But some of the local Chiefs who spoke on condition of anonymity denied the allegation of embezzling the marriage certificate funds arguing that there was no much sensitization done before introducing the use of the certificates and hence people were not embracing the idea.

Mr David Marachtho, an elder in Ocego Chiefdom commended the Kingdom for introducing traditional marriage certificates but suggested that the people should be sensitized about the development so that they can promote and own the program.