NEBBI. The local communities in Nebbi district have been blamed for putting little effort into protecting the district’s natural resources.

According to Mr Boniface Opiyo, the Nebbi district planner, the negative mindset of the community towards protecting and preserving natural resources is greatly affecting the environment.

While presenting a paper on natural resource accounting at the district water conference hall on Monday, Opiyo said most of the natural resources such as trees, rivers and swamps are being destroyed by a section of the community members with very little effort put to replace them.

He noted that much as policies and laws protecting natural resources in the country are in place, there is still a need for more effort in sensitizing the community on the dangers of destroying the environment.

“Government should also improve on the funds allocated for districts to address the challenge so that the environment can be restored,” Opiyo recommended.

Meanwhile the Nebbi Municipal environment officer, Mr Emilio Odongo said due to the high population growth in the district, there is a lot of pressure on biomass as the main source of fuel for cooking in the urban centres.

“It is on record that most of the households in Nebbi district rely on wood fuel as their main source of energy because they believe it’s the cheapest compared to hydro-electricity and solar energy,” Odongo said.

He observed that a lot of cases of encroachment have been reported on the river banks in the name of looking for livelihood especially along river Namrwodho, river Nyachara, river Namthin and Aryiendera wetland all in Nebbi municipality.

Odongo said human activities such as bricklaying, cultivation and sand mining are being undertaken in the areas thus affecting the environment.
He, however, urged locals and all stakeholders to join hands in fighting the vice.