NEBBI. Locals in Nebbi district have resorted to slaughtering own animals despite a Quarantine measure put by officials on the sale of meat in the district.

The district officials had for the past five months, imposed a ban on the sale and consumption of meat due to an outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease mainly in Kucwiny, Nyaravur and Parombo Sub Counties.

But Ms Claire Nimungu, the Nebbi district Production Officer said despite the quarantine, people still slaughter their own animals at home, a move she regarded as being criminal in nature.

"People have even failed to report those who are slaughtering animals in the community. They instead prefer to consume the illegally slaughtered meat, which is dangerous," Nimungu said.

Nimungu noted that the disease has failed to be controlled up to this time also partly, due to the free movement of animals in the cattle corridors of Nebbi district.

However, Mr William Katovu, a dealer in roasted meat commonly referred to as Muchomo in Nebbi Town said the quarantine has greatly affected his business yet it is the only source of his income.

"If the Municipal Authorities get you selling meat, they fine you to pay money ranging from shs50, 000 to shs300, 000. The condition has totally left me helpless,” Katovu explained.

Ms Grace Amia, a resident of Nebbi Municipal Council said they have resorted to buying meat from the black market since fish is expensive.

Mr Walter Angala, the Nebbi district Animal Husbandry Officer blamed the Sub County Veterinary Officers for not doing enough to curb the disease, saying their act is likely to prolong the duration of the quarantine.

"The most unfortunate thing is that people are eating meat which has not been inspected by the Veterinary Officers and this puts them at the risk of getting the disease," Angala said.

To date, no report has been made on Foot and Mouth disease since its outbreak in Nebbi last year, yet Quarantine can only be lifted when the district reports 98 percent reduction in cases of the diseases.

Some residents are said to be using relatives to buy meat from Arua.