NEBBI. A 58-year-old man has been admitted to Nebbi general hospital after getting the adverse effect of drugs administered on him from a private clinic in Nebbi town.

Mr Alfred Knox Opio, a resident of Kasuku cell in Nyapara ward, Abindu Division, Nebbi Municipality said when he started experiencing severe headaches, he decided to go to Pubungu clinic to seek for treatment.

“On reaching the clinic, they diagnosed me with typhoid but I told the nurses there that I’m allergic to drugs that contain sulphur. When they started to inject me, I felt the reaction there and then,” Opio stressed.

“When I complained, they denied and continued but after a day, my whole body developed blisters. When I called them, they took some days to respond and later, told me to go to the main hospital for further management,” Opio painfully narrated from his sickbed on Tuesday.

According to Dr. Justine Okawirwoth, the medical superintendent of Nebbi general hospital, the patient was brought in bad shape.

“Opio couldn’t even walk and his skin was peeling off due to the adverse effect of the drugs he was given. The condition is known as ‘Stephen Johnson syndrome’ which was severe and life-threatening, but we have been able to manage it,” Okawirwoth said.

The Doctor, however, noted that they cannot establish the exact drugs Opio’s body reacted to since there were a number of drugs he was given, according to the medical report from the clinic.

“If he was handled from the hospital, it would be easy to follow up and establish the batch number of the drugs administered on him,” Okawirwoth said.

“I would advise that people should avoid self-medication and going to clinics to buy drugs because sometimes, the reaction of these medicines is adverse and if not managed properly, one may die,” he added.

But Mr Mathias Mayanja, the Director of Pubungu clinic denied the allegations, saying the drugs Opio was given didn’t contain sulphur at all.

“At Pubungu clinic, we don’t do anything illegal and I believe, the wife was the one who gave him Ambiclox which could have reacted with him,” Mayanja said.