NEBBI. The minister of State for Internal affairs in the Ugandan government has urged the Church and media in the country to use the influence they have in the society to fight environmental degradation.

Mr Mario Obiga Kania said urgent measures needed to be taken to fight environmental degradation for which the Church and the journalists were at the centre.

Obiga was speaking during the closure of a one-week Communication symposium at Nebbi Cathedral Parrish to mark the World communication day.

He further challenged the Ugandan media to rise up and fight for their rights of low pay which at times makes them to be compromised and failing to observe their cardinal role of fighting for social justice.

Journalists, most especially the freelance who bear the weight of looking for news for which the mrdia houses depend on in Uganda are the list paid making them often susceptible to compromise quality of stories they cover

The bishop of Lira diocese Rt Rev Joseph Franzeli called on the media to always speak the truth and avoid rumours which may create hatred and divisionism.

“It is much easier to spread lies than the truth but know that lies destroy relationships and only love can promote peace in the world” the bishop said

He said Communication is not the work of Journalist alone but everyone should get involved and promote journalism committed to pointing out alternatives to the violence in the world.

Nebbi resident district commissioner Ms Modesta Ajilong sais “I Appeal to the media fraternity to always be truthful and avoid wrong information,you should help the young ones with good and correct information so that they are not distorted ” she said.