NEBBI. The Resident District Commissioner Nebbi, Mr Christopher Omara has castigated the district technical leaders for failing to supervise and monitor contracts.

He said failure has led to delays in completion of some projects while in others, contractors have abandoned site.

While addressing district leaders and contractors in Nebbi town on Thursday, Omara noted that there are so many sites that have been abandoned by contractors while many do shoddy work and they go scot free since they are not being monitored.

“There is need for technocrats like the district engineers to do close monitoring and be kin on the ground and supervise the contractors’ works to ensure that quality work is done and within the time frame”, he said.

He noted that contracts have time frame where delays should never be encouraged and contractors who cannot handle projects should be blacklisted.

But Mr Norris Uyerwoth, the director Molla and sons Construction Company denied the allegation and attributed some of the delays and abandonment to contractors who are contracted by central government.

“As local contractors, we don’t see the reasons we should be accused of delaying with our construction works since in most cases, we have always tried to beat deadlines of all the construction works assigned to us by the district”, Uyerwoth said.

He however said sometime contractors are faced with challenges that include delay in payments by the district. He appealed to the district leaders to coordinate and make payments on time since most of them have low capacity to finance projects up to the end.

However, Mr James Kubi, the district engineer said they have been kin on local contractors but the biggest problem has been with contractors procured from the cantre who sometimes fail to complete their works and abandoning the site with no trace.

“I admit that our contractors have challenges ranging from low capacity and delays in payment but we closely supervise and monitor their works and those who fail to adhere to our guidelines are blacklisted”, he said.

There have been 15 abandoned sites in Nebbi district among them, Atego seed secondary school classroom construction.

 Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC), a pan African NGO and resource centre that promotes access to information through comparative research early this month presented its findings about contract management to Nebbi district authorities.

Mr Mathius Mwesige, project officer at AFIC told West Nile Web that “in Nebbi district, we looked at Atego seed school which is not on course because the work is supposed to be completed by May this year but some structures are still on the foundation level”.

He said the report advised the district to step up their monitoring and supervision to ensure that work move according to the contract terms.

The report also questions why the same contractor with low capacity was given a project worth shs 6billion in the districts of Pakwach, Nebbi and Zombo and why the same contractor refused to employ locals preferring labourers from his district of origin which has made locals to lose sense of ownership.