NEBBI. MTN Uganda has finally been cleared to continue with the installation of its mast in Nebbi town.

Last week, the King of Alur, His Highness Phillip Olarker Rauni III halted the installation of the MTN mast at Nduru hill following the conflict among the local chiefs over the ownership of the hill.

But in a meeting with the chiefs at his palace over the weekend, the King castigated the chiefs and Nduru hill resources development association for failing to acknowledge the fact that he is the overall owner of the hill because it is one of the cultural sites in his kingdom.

He advised the cultural leaders to acknowledge that the King is the in charge of the land within the kingdom and that all the three chiefdoms and the two clans within the vicinity of the hill pay allegiance to him.

“Since we have now reached an agreement with the chiefs and members of the Nduru resource development association, reference is made to my letter dated June 3, 2020 regarding your telecommunication mast project site. My office has now cleared all concerns raised related to the above mast project being constructed on Alur kingdom cultural site on Nduru hill in Nebbi municipality and work can now resume,” Olarker wrote to MTN.

He noted that as part of the resolutions with the concerned stakeholders, it was greed that the said site at Got Nebbi/Nduru hill is a kingdom cultural site under the custody of the King of Alur in trust of Ucegu, Paminya and Pawong chiefdoms including Pagei and Pubidhi clans.

“I am now authorizing MTN Uganda to proceed to sign the reviewed memorandum of understanding to operationalize the mast site with Alur Kingdom cultural site development agency and Nduru hill resource development association,” the King directed.

Rt. Hon Vincent Orach Ochaya, the kingdom Prime Minister observed that Nduru hill resource development association has been appointed to manage all the cultural sites of the kingdom as an agent.

“The association formed is expected to document all the cultural sites and identify developers to conserve them,” he added.

Mr Kizito Oryem, the chairman Nduru hill resource development association said they are ready for the task given by the King and will work hard to ensure that the cultural site is conserved.

“The responsibility given is a big one but we are committed to achieving it despite all the challenges because most of the cultural sites are being encroached on,” Oryem said.