NEBBI. Nebbi municipal authorities have come under the spotlight for not putting up the public, the physical infrastructural plans of the municipality so as to guide potential developers in the area.

This follows a series of complaints from land buyers who after the purchase of the pieces of land, they are informed by authorities that the land in question is not for the intended purpose they intend to do while others are informed that a road is supposed to pass through that piece of land.

Mr. Collin Ochieng, who has fallen victim narrated that he purchased a piece of land in Namrwotho, Nebbi municipality that he later discovered has a planned road which has taken almost half of it and when he tried to reach to the owner, he could not recover his money from him.

“When I went to petition the municipal, they told me there was nothing they could do and that I should go to the person who sold me the land to give me another which he is not willing to give", Ochieng said

Mr. Geoffrey Ngiriker, the mayor of Nebbi municipal council admitted that they have indeed been receiving complaints over such matters but they advise the parties to dialogue or offer alternative land.

“As the council, we cannot divert a road because of a buyer’s mistake because what we always tell people is to first check with the municipal planner before buying any land whether there is a planned road in the land they want to buy to avoid such scenarios”, Ngiriker said.

However, Mr. Mathais Okecha, the local council one (LC I) chairman of Rock view cell said the biggest challenge is ignorance of many of his colleagues who are unaware about the council’s physical infrastructural plans.

“The municipal authorities should peg the areas they intend to open roads on and avail us with the copy so that we are able to avoid such problems because even as local leaders, we don’t know where some of these planned roads are and so we cannot advice the buyers”, Okecha said.

Mr. Ronnie Japiem, the central division chairman faulted the municipal authorities for not sensitising the LCIs on the planned roads hence most of them just hear about them.
“Most of these LCIs are still new, they need capacity building and sensitization on the municipal development plans if they are to work better," he said.

But according to Mr. Maliki Drakuma, the deputy town clerk Nebbi municipal council, they understand the challenges the LCIs are going through and that there is a plan for capacity building next financial year.
But he advised the public to always consult with authorities before going ahead with any land deals.

Nebbi deputy RDC Ms. Rachael Frances Adyango attributed the rampant land conflicts to the self interests of the local council ones.