NEBBI. Nebbi district councillors have urged the equal opportunity commission to help in advocating for the increment of their emolument.

Speaking during a training organized for councillors by equal opportunity commission at Nebbi district headquarters on Thursday, Mr Moris Kwach, the secretary for finance said district councillors do a lot of work yet they get little emolument which is even taxed.

“As equal opportunity commission you should advocate for us because for long, we have been complaining about our emolument but nothing has changed,” he said.

Mr Gabriel Ocibre, the councillor representing Nebbi sub-county said they have been given so many letters to sign with the hope of increasing their emolument but there has been no improvement on what councillors get.

Mr OcibreMr Ocibre stressing a point during the training

“There is great disparity in the pay of politicians with Members of Parliament (MPs) getting huge salaries compared to the local councillors who actually earn no pay but only relay on an emolument of shs545,000 after every 3 months per person,” Ocibre said.

Ms Dorothy Awachango, the female councillor representing Kucwiny sub-county observed that the money doesn’t even come timely thus making it hard for them to execute their duties.

“We can’t use what we get as allowance to facilitate our movement because it is little and sometimes, it delays for five months,” she said.

Similarly, Mr John Paul Apire, the gender and equity budgeting trainer noted that as equal opportunity commission, they did a study on councillors’ emolument and found out that it is really a challenge especially in districts with low local revenue base.

He, however, added that it is also in accordance with the law that councillors get 20 per cent of the total revenue collected.

“It is important for all politicians to speak the same language even though it is the ministry of public service that determines salaries but politicians have some influence to push for things to happen,” Apire advised.

He said as equal opportunity commission they are trying their best to see that district councillors’ emolument is increased.