NEBBI. Nebbi district leaders and Alur Kingdom officials have been asked to revive and preserve the numerous cultural sites in the area.

The district has at least 12 cultural sites that have been neglected.

Reports indicate that communities have encroached on some of the sites while others have totally been destroyed.

Mr. John Berosi, a cultural leader said Nebbi district will get a lot of revenue if the cultural sites are revived and preserved to attract tourists.

“The district leadership should get in touch with the Alur Kingdom and see how they can revive these sites so that people can come and pay some money to develop the area,” Berosi said.

Berosi also urged the Kingdom to start mapping the sites and identify their custodians to help in documenting them.

“I’m sure Alur kingdom has a challenge of funding to do the documentation and that is why, we are slowly losing these sites,” he added.

However, Mr. Vincent Ochaya Orach, the Alur Kingdom Prime Minister said plans are underway to revive all the cultural sites.

“We have plans to start moving to document these sites and establish whether they are worth tracking,” he said.

Ochaya noted that most of the sites people are claiming ownership of belong to the Kingdom.

But Mr. Yerusa Ayiyirwoth, the Nebbi district community development officer and gender focal point person said as a district, they intend to allocate some funds for reviving the cultural sites since the district can also benefit a lot from them in terms of tourism.

“As per now, we are still waiting for validation from Nyaravur cultural troop who are documenting the sites,” she said.

Some of the cultural sites in the greater Nebbi include; Aminzi Volcanic plug, Loj Judongo, Wang-Ley, Aruk Ruk falls, Mbaro Pot making, Pacer Blacksmith, Royal Cemetery, Got Rateng and Got Nebbi.