NEBBI. A section of leaders in Nebbi district wants the government to procure local suppliers of inputs if the operation wealth creation project is to succeed.

Ms Joyce Piwa, production officer said inputs which are procured from far reach of the district when most of them are damaged and stressed during transportation.
She said only those in good conditions are considered which sometimes causes a shortage and lose to the supplier.

“Our local suppliers also have the capacity to supply these inputs like cassava cuttings of all varieties and yet they are not given the chance yet sometimes some of these suppliers end up buying from them”, Piwa said.

Speaking during stakeholders meeting on Thursday at the district boardroom, Lt Col Lawrence Kermundu, the district coordinator operation wealth creation said they have complained to National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) secretariat but without response.

“We shall continue complaining until the status quo is changed because some of these inputs reach the district late yet if the suppliers were from within, supply would have been timely", he said.

He said supplies are demand driven and that farmers always asked for what can do well in their areas and if the supplies are from within it would be easier for them to manage.

Mr Benson Ulama, one of the suppliers present in the meeting said they were trained by ministry of agriculture and animal husbandry to be suppliers but they have never be engaged however much they have expressed interest in supplying the inputs.

“The program of government is sometimes not coordinated and this needs to change, how do you train people and fail to utilise them?” he asked.

But Col Nelson Obiale, the regional coordinator operation wealth creation West Nile zone said even suppliers sought from out are sons and daughters of the region.

“But we are trying hard to see that all these should change and the local suppliers should be the ones to supply the inputs to avoid delays", he added.

Ms Rachel Frances Adyango, the deputy resident district commissioner Nebbi the trend should be discouraged since foreigners have also taken advantage of the locals to do supply business.