NEBBI. The leaders of Nebbi including the district chairperson have castigated the Padyere County Member of Parliament (MP) Joshua Anywrach for de-campaigning family planning.

This is after the legislator urged the people to continue producing since population growth is very important to the development of a country.

Speaking during a recent funeral rite of the former Nebbi district secretary for social services, Mr Raphael Anyolitho in Erussi sub-county, it was alleged that Anywrach said the foreigners who have introduced artificial methods of family planning just want to limit growth because they know the benefit of a large population.

“No one should deceive you to go for family planning, they just want you to become barren but produce more so that the country can have more workforce to enhance productivity hence promoting economic growth,” Anywrach advised.

But Mr Emmanuel Orombi, the Nebbi district chairperson became bitter for the legislator for using gatherings like funerals to air his anti-family planning messages which he (Orombi) says are misleading to the community.

“We shall not allow such people to continue confusing our people and anytime he starts talking like that at any function, we shall stop him from addressing the gathering,” Mr. Orombi warned.

He instead argued that the country is struggling to handle youth who are unproductive, and all they know is to sit by the roadside to ask for handouts from people and leaders passing by.

Orombi wondered why a leader in his right senses like Anywrach should continue to encourage unchecked reproduction for a population that can barely take care of itself.

Ms Felister Atho, a 37-year-old mother and resident of Nebbi Municipality said family planning has helped women especially in this era where many men have become irresponsible.

“The reason why there is an increase in school dropout, child marriages and cases of child neglect is because of lack of family planning; so for a member of Parliament to encourage people to just produce is not good because he will not help in raising the children,” Ms Atho said.