NEBBI. Livestock farmers in Nebbi district have been urged to adopt modern skills and practices of animal rearing for better and fruitful results.

Speaking to farmers in Nebbi town on Monday, Mr Emmanuel Ongietho, the Nebbi municipal council assistant veterinary officer noted that inadequate knowledge on the modern skills of animal rearing has greatly affected livestock farmers in the district.

He said most farmers in Nebbi lack modern skills like ensuring proper hygiene and sanitation for animals, identification of diseases, proper feeding, regular deworming and routine vaccination of animals among others.

“Livestock farmers are losing their animals to diseases because they lack proper knowledge and modern skills of looking after their animals. This is so because most of them have remained adamant to the traditional style of animal rearing,” he said.

He observed that for long, livestock farmers within the municipality and the entire district have failed to take it upon themselves to love and protect their animals from diseases but only look at them as the only asset at home.

Mr Lois Owachi Odika, one of the livestock farmers admitted that most of his colleagues have no skills and knowledge on how to handle their animals.

“All we care about is the number of animals we have. Most of us don’t think of treating the cows we have and keeping their environment clean, which is to me, a good practice we should embrace,” he advised.

Odika said some of the farmers don’t even have time to look after their animals, a reason they are losing them often.

However, Ms Charity Alworunga, the deputy mayor Nebbi municipal council challenged livestock farmers to have a mindset change by leaving the traditional way of animal rearing if they are to alleviate poverty.