NEBBI. The residents of Pubidhi Ayabu lower cell in Namthin ward, Nebbi municipal council have resolved to join hands with their local leaders to combat gender-based violence (GBV) and poverty in order to strengthen the family bond.

According to the locals, rampant violence against women in the community has culminated into family instability with women and children bearing its overall burden.

The residents were over the weekend speaking during a dialogue on GBV organized in the cell by the community empowerment for rural development (CEFORD).

Ms Dorine Wanican, the area women representative in the local council one (LC1) said some of the factors escalating gender-based violence in their community include among others; polygamy, poverty, irresponsible consumption of alcohol, laziness, and insincerity.

“We are suffering in this village but I’m happy some notorious husbands have been punished and fined for beating their wives”, she said.

Wanican said much as she is not a victim of violence in her family, her neighbors’ homes are always rocked by violence that has also led to divorce.

Ms Asnet Adubango, who was chosen by the women to champion the fight against GBV said causes of violence differ from family to family as poor accountability and alcoholism by especially the men taking the lead in most homes.

Despite the immense challenges of GBV in the area, the women and men have resolved to work together with their leaders to ensure that the perpetrators of the vice are reported to the police and consequently punished.

The area vice-chairperson for local council two (LCII) Ms Betty Akumu assured the women that violent men would be dealt with in order to have a violence-free community where couples leave in peace and jointly work for the development of their families without looking down on the women.

“I want to assure the team from CEFORD that we are not going to sit down this time around because we have endured enough but the most important thing is for us to sit down with our husbands to resolve our differences amicably,” Akumu advised.

Mr Nestore Foyire, the chairman Pubidhi Ayabu cell revealed that his office receives 2 to 5 cases of GBV in a fortnight.

“We are going to handle this issue of GBV especially after you people have sensitized us on its dangers,” Foyire said.

Meanwhile the CEFORD officer in charge of monitoring and evaluation, Ms Edna Ababiko said frequent follow ups would be made to ensure that everyone is doing what it takes to prevent cases of GBV.

“Never treat women as if they are your property but as your equals who deserve all the rights as human beings,” she said.

Ababiko also implored men to treat their wives with dignity because they are fellow human beings that deserve respect.