NEBBI. The mothers in Nebbi district have reportedly shunned postnatal care services.

According to health officials, the majority of the mothers in the district fail to return to health facilities for check-ups after the six days recommended period from the date of delivery.

Postnatal care is the care given to a mother after delivery with the aim of assessing her progress and the child to avoid any complications that may arise after giving birth.

Speaking to West Nile Web in his office on Monday, Dr. Justin Okwairwoth, the Nebbi general hospital medical superintendent said the attendance of mothers returning for the postnatal care in the district is very low.

He noted that only 94 out of 160 mothers who delivered from the months of June to December 2019 managed to report back for postnatal care.

“There are so many risks that come with pregnancy and that is why when a mother goes for antenatal, those risks can be identified and managed earlier because medically, there are so many risks that come with pregnancy and after birth,” Okwairwoth explained.

He said mothers are always encouraged to return to health facilities they delivered from after six days and later after six weeks for check-ups since they can develop complications like bleeding and high blood pressure among others.

Okwairwoth, however, said this has been a great challenge in Nebbi because very few mothers normally return for the postnatal care.

“We have been trying to sensitize the community but there is a need for other stakeholders to also come in and help in the sensitization so that we can together reduce the number,” Okwairwoth appealed.

As a result, Ms Patricia Nyivuru, a midwife at Osi health centre II in Parombo sub-county said they have now resorted to detaining delivery cards as a way of forcing mothers to return for postnatal care.

But Ms Eunice Atimango, a mother said it is useless to go back for postnatal care because they are normally given less attention after delivery.

She alleged that while at the health facility, no check-up is done as long as one has no complaint, adding that the information about postnatal care has not been properly disseminated thus most mothers are not aware of its importance.