NEBBI. Councilors from the three divisions of Nebbi Municipality have threatened to boycott all council activities if the municipal authorities fail to pay their ex-gratia by the end of this month

According to the chairperson Nebbi Municipal division councilors Association, Mr Brian Mungujakisa, ever since they were elected in 2018, they have never received their ex-gratia that they have been demanding for from the authorities.

“Where we have reached, the only option is to boycott all council activities until our demands are met or we get a clear explanation as to when we shall be given our money”, he said.

An Ex-gratia fund is an allowance given to councilors in the country since they are not paid monthly salaries

Mr Rashid Api, councilor for Thatha division revealed that they are entitled to shs35,000 per sitting which they have not been receiving ever since they come to office in 2018.

He said they have been left without option but to boycott all council activities because they have been patient enough.

Mrs Joyce Ochai, the councilor for central division revealed that some of them are being intimidated by a section of technocrat and fellow politicians but vowed not to bow down until their demands are met.

“As elected councilors we are mandated to serve our people, but we cannot continue mobilizing revenue for the council and promoting government programs on empty pockets for all this time yet we also have our families to take care of”, Ochai lamented.

Nebbi municipal town Clark Mr Moses Lorika admitted the non-payment of councilors for that duration but denied wrong doing saying they are following up the matter with ministry of finance.

“I can only appeal to councilors to be patient and call off the action they are planning to undertake since the matter is in its final stage”, he added.

But the mayor Nebbi municipality Mr Geoffrey Ngiriker appealed to the councilors not to go ahead with their decision since it will affect the people who elected them.

He said the council is in the middle of a budget cycle where their input is most needed.

“I can confirm that as municipality leaders, we know very well what our fellow politicians are going through without their allowances but my offices and other relevant offices have reached all the relevant authorities to make follow up on the outstanding payments of all councilors that we believe very soon their payment will be effected”. He said.

Each councilor is demanding about shs175,000 from the municipal council and the total amount the 22 councilors are demanding is about shs4million.