NEBBI. A 15year old girl Zura Keyenyparwoth may fail to achieve her dream of becoming a teacher in future if she fails to get sponsorship to further her studies.

Keyenyparwoth from Nebbi primary school was among the seven girls who got first grade in the district in the just released primary leaving examination (PLE) with elven aggregates.

While in tears on Monday morning at the district headquarters, she said her father Mr Issa Olar was a former Councillor for persons with disability but he is now incapacitated due to old age and the disability.

“If I fail to get any sponsor, I may not continue with school since my mother cannot pay my fees and I have no relatives willing to help support me in my education” she painfully narrated.

Mrs Subra Mazarawu, the mother of the girl said she does manual petty jobs within the town of which at the end of the day, she earns between Sh2000 to 3000 which she uses to sustain the family.

“I have four children and Zubra is the third in the family and I have hope in her, her other siblings could not also continue with studies and decided to look for survival on their own” she said.

She said her husband is currently living in Panyimur and is being supported by the well-wishers from the mosque as he can no longer fend for himself and the family.

Ms Claire Nimungu Doreen, the district production secretary who also represents persons with disability (PWD’s) could not offer much hope although she said they will try what they can to search for a sponsor for the needy girl.

The recently released results saw an improvement in performance in the district largely attributed to the commitment of the education department in reducing teacher absenteeism.

Mr George Ojok Delalson, the district education officer said teachers who were absent in school for more than two weeks and those who did not have schemes of work while in class were subjected to retention and deduction of salaries and this forced them to be organised and in class at the right time.

The district registered a total of 45 first grades in the 2019 PLE results compared to 2018 where the district obtained 25 first grades.

Mr Ojok promised more hard work to see further improvement of results in the future.

Mr James Gwoktho, the Nebbi district inspector of schools said there has been a progressive improvement in performance every year although it has not met the ultimate expectation.

He said the district is still faced with the challenge of low syllabus coverage while other teachers are faced with multiple loans which in turn affects their concentration at school.