NEBBI: Nebbi district has announced plans to start distributing over 3000 insecticide treated mosquito nets to pupils in government primary schools.

Officials said the targeted pupils to benefit from the project in April 2018 are those from primary one to four.

Speaking to West Nile Web in an interview on Wednesday, Mrs Harriet Amia, the Nebbi district Malaria focal point person said the project is being implemented by the Ministry of Health.

She explained that the government has decided to start distributing mosquito nets to children at lower primary school level so as to give them chance to understand the important of using the nets at an early age.

“This time, we are going to focus on distributing the nets to school children from P1-P4 and also teach them how to use them so that they are not mishandled,” Amia said.

Amia added that despite all earlier government interventions to fight malaria, it has still remained the number one killer disease in the Country.

She said there are still gaps like inadequate supply of anti-malarial drugs for pregnant mothers who are among the most venerable group of people.

She however, noted that last year, most locals in Nebbi turned the mosquito nets distributed to them into ropes for tying goats while others used them as bathing sponge.

As a result, Amia said malaria still accounts for 39% cases of morbidity and mortality in the district, second highest after Anemia.

Dr. Denis Walusimbi, the Mosquito nets distribution Manager under the Ministry of Health said malaria is still a threat because there is generally inadequate planning and budget for its control.