NEBBI. The Nebbi resident district commissioner (RDC) Mr. Bob Williams Labeja has stopped the operation of discos in four sub-counties of Ndhew, Akworo, Erussi, and Nebbi sub-county.

This follows the murder of a senior III student of Parombo senior secondary school identified as Jerry Okirwoth who was working as a disc jockey (DJ) in a disco hall in Akworo last Saturday for allegedly failing to play good music.

Jerry was beaten up by crowds who were drunk and turned rowdy as they all demanded their own choice of music to be played

Labeja said he decided to close the discos because of public outcry that most of them do not provide security to their employees and customers.

“Effective 13 January 2019, disco halls in these four sub-counties will not operate and I will close more as long as they don't provide security to their customers and fail to work with the sub-county authorities”, Labeja said.

He said the only condition he can lift the ban is when the operators agree to liaise with police and the sub-county authorities and also employ bouncers to manage the security of the revelers.

“Anyone who dares to open his premises without meeting these conditions will be arrested and their music systems confiscated” he warned.

He also cautioned the operators in Nebbi municipal council not to repeat incidences of the festive season when they allowed parents with their underage children to access the halls saying he will not tolerate it in future.

Mr. Bosco Okwai, the LCIII chairperson of Ndhew sub-county said despite the 2011 bylaw which prohibits the operations of the discos being in place, its effectiveness has not been felt.

“We stopped licensing disco halls and those who play do it on their own and that is why we asked the RDC to intervene and I know this time it will work and I am happy that some sanity will be restored in Ndhew” Okwai said.

Mr. Ali Odongwun, a resident of Koch cell, Nebbi Sub County said the decision was long overdue because for long the authorities have tried to stop discos but it has been difficult to enforce.

“Discos are the leading cause of crimes among the youths in the district because rape, defilement, murder and drug abuse are rampant there yet they go unreported”, he noted.