NEBBI. The Nebbi resident district commissioner (RDC) Mr Christopher Omara has halted activities at Goli customs following reports that there were illegal activities going on at the border point.

According to Omara, the minister of internal affairs directed him to halt activities after they received reports that illegal activities like extortion and businesses were still going on at the area despite the presidential directive.

“As I have been directed by the minister of internal affairs, all activities must stop and all the timbers should be where they are until investigations is completed”, he said.

He said Uganda Revenue Authority and internal affairs ministry are to conduct a joint investigation into the allegations and streamline the facts before activities at the boarder can resume.

But Mr Stephen Busisa the head of customs Goli denied the allegations saying there are no illegal activities going on at the border.

“What I can confirm happens here is the transfer of timber as you can see because it’s the Ugandan who orders for them from Democratic Republic of Congo, they are brought and offloaded here then the owner collects them from here after clearance and our head office is aware of this activity”, he explained.

He said there are no illegal activities at the boarder but only people loading timbers after clearance and they leave since there are no negotiations done at the boarder for it to be termed as a business adding that the activity is happening across all the borders in the country.

Mr George Obia, the district police commander said with cases of increasing number of illegal entry and allegations that people are paying money to enter the country, activities at the border should be halted because there is problem of COVID-19 in Bunia which Uganda is working hard to control the spread.

“Some of these cargo vehicles are also carrying people, we cannot leave anything to chance right now, let these activities halted for 14 days as we monitor what is happening in Bunia” he added

He said they have been receiving very many reports about Goli custom which needs to be investigated.

But Mr Richard Onencan, one of the loaders said they the work has been their only survival since other casual works were halted. He appealed to the responsible authorities to urgently resolve the matter as they have no any other source of livelihood.