NEBBI. The Nebbi Residence District Commissioner (RDC) Mr Christopher Omara has vowed to get rid of the idle youths on the streets of Nebbi municipality.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, Omara, who is also the district security committee chairman said the number of youths idling on the streets waiting for handouts from passers-by is becoming so alarming.

“All these youths idling have gardens that they can tilt and improve on production and fight food insecurity and poverty but most of them have decided to remain useless and wait for handouts which is not sustainable,” Omara said.

Omara revealed that he is forming a vigilante group that will play a key role in identifying those who are idle to be taken to their villages to do productive work.

“For me, I believe in retrogressive democracy where people should be forced to do certain things and if we leave the youths like this, there is no way we shall fight poverty,” he added.

Omara observed that women have been left to fend for families while men are idling by the roadside and expect food from their wives which they never provide.

Mr Ismail Debo, a resident of central ward Nebbi municipality concurred with the RDC, saying most of the youths just sit by the roadside doing nothing.

He, however, said: “We have lived and grown on the streets of Nebbi town, so we see no reason for the RDC to come up with his concept of arresting us for not having any jobs since we are all struggling on our own to make ends meet.”

He said most of the youths on the streets are orphans with no one to support them and yet every one of them needs to find ways of earning a living on the streets although they are looked at as idlers.

Similarly, most of the youths whom West Nile Web talked to castigated the RDC for what they said are reckless statements coming from a government official who should be working to improve their plight.

But Ms Sanura Akelle, a mother of five and a resident of Ajoga Nyayubodo, Abindu division, Nebbi municipality applauded the move on grounds that if the youths are not forced to work, they can’t take any initiative for themselves.

“It’s true most of our children mostly the boys are so irresponsible, they only want free things where they have not sweated for like stealing,” she said.

Nebbi Municipality Mayor, Mr Geoffrey Ngiriker said the government only helps those who are hardworking and development-oriented through several interventions like youth livelihood projects.

“It’s time that the youth transform their lives by engaging in proactive work and learning from the past when parents would introduce them early in family activities at their youth age and later become adults who in the end are useful citizens to the community”. Ngiriker said.