NEBBI. Nebbi district has registered 9, 801 cases of malaria with 49 deaths from January 2020 to date, officials have said.
Speaking to West Nile Web in an exclusive interview on Wednesday, Mr Isaac Ochora, the Nebbi district surveillance focal point person said malaria accounts for 48 per cent of the out-patient department (OPD) attendance diagnosis in the district.
He said this is because of the test and treat policy which gives opportunity for everybody with fever to test for malaria and receive treatment after testing positive.
Ochora noted that as Uganda government embarks on distribution of the long-lasting treated mosquito nets, the challenge of its inconsistent use remains a big issue in the community.
According to Ochora, the challenge needs to be addressed by all stakeholders through massive sensitization because a person may test negative today and turn to be positive the following day due to the inconsistent use of mosquito nets.
“I pray that the community members use the nets very well because to us, malaria is no longer a medical problem but a social problem that needs to be tackled at community level,” Ochora said.
He added that people are complacent because malaria can be tested and treated at any time, but they should be aware that malaria can kill and therefore, there is need to prevent it, a reason the government is fighting towards eliminating the disease.
Ms Robinah Kimbugwe, the Nebbi district supervisor in charge of the mosquito nets distribution program said the government of Uganda acquired the nets with the support from the Global Fund and the Presidential initiative against malaria program among other partners.
She observed that about 27 million mosquito nets have been distributed free of charge across the country with the aim of preventing malaria.
“The goal of this campaign is to see that we reduce malaria cases to zero and have a malaria free country. We believe if we use the mosquito nets consistently and properly, we can chase malaria out of our lives and finally out of our country,” Kimbugwe said.
Meanwhile Mr Christopher Omara, the Nebbi residence district commissioner (RDC) said many people are abusing the use of the nets. He said others use them as ropes for goats and for caging chicks.
Omara warned that if found, such people will be arrested and punished to serve as a lesson to others.
“Malaria is a serious killer disease yet people are taking it for granted therefore, as leaders we need to work together and sensitize the community on the dangers of the disease,” Omara appealed.