NEBBI. Residents of Nebbi municipal council have urged the authority to designate taxi and lorry parks to end irregular street parking.

For sometimes Nebbi municipal council has been operating without a designated taxi and lorry parks forcing drivers to park on the main road.

Mr Bakit Ozelle, a broker at Gulu stage said he is disappointed that Nebbi municipality is the only authority in Uganda without a designated taxi park where all types of vehicles including lorries and fuel tankers park on the same street.

“Here it's normal for any vehicle to park anywhere and nobody cares whether it is double parking, in the evenings it is worse as the road becomes narrow and busy and this has led to several accidents along Nebbi- Pakwach road”, he said.

Ms Grace Amia, a produce dealer said the random parking on the streets is risky and confusing as travelers often fail to find vehicles to their destinations.

According to Mr Christopher Omara, the resident district commissioner, Lorries and fuel tankers parking by the roadside is a time bomb for the town.

“Anything can happen in that another vehicle can knock a fuel tanker parked by the roadside and this town can be brought down within a second coupled with the fact that there is no fire brigade within the district and the nearest one is in Arua”, he said.

He said if Nebbi municipality cannot manage the parking of this town, the district leadership will be forced to designate a place as a lorry park and get people to manage it because there is no order in the way vehicles are parked on the main road which often leads to accidents.

But Mr Geoffrey Ngiriker, the mayor Nebbi municipal council said the army is occupying the designated area meant for Lorry Park.

The mayor said the municipality has written letters several times to the RDC as the head of the security committee in the district to help relocate them to Kochi but have not received any single reply.

“For the taxis, we are working on the toilet and we hope that by the end of this month, it will be complete and all the taxis will return to the park but for now we are allowing them to operate on the main road”. Ngirker said.

Meanwhile, Mr Francis Wacal, the chairman Nebbi drivers’ association said the street parking has affected their revenue as they cannot collect money from drivers.