NEBBI. Traders in Nebbi district are living in fear of losses after a reported influx of fake money in the district.

The traders have also blamed police for the increase of the fake currency after reports that suspected dealers were shortly released after being arrested by members of the community.

Mr Geoffrey Jalum, the chairman Nebbi new market butchers association said he was given UGX 100,000 fake currency which he only realized after he had gone to buy another set of cattle for slaughter.

He claimed that he knew where the money had come from prompting the arrest of three suspected dealers.

“I know the supplier of this money is within us and people know him but if police fails to act we shall raid his home”, he warned.

Mr Rajab Saidi, the LCI chairman Opano village who was part of the team that arrested the suspects said he had received complaints about fake currency in his village and when they raided the home of the suspects who were arrested, they found fake currency worth shs 205000.

“I believe the supplier of this money is within and the community did their part by arresting the agents but I was disappointed that they were released before I could record my statement”, he complained.

Saidi said the issue has caused anxiety in the village with some members of the community threatening to attack the suspected dealers who are believed to be residing in the village.

Responding to the accusations, Mr George Obia, the district police commander said it is a long process to investigate such a case and only one week is not enough, he urged residents to be patient, promising to inform them of any progress in the matter.

“The process requires us to take the money to the currency center to ascertain whether they are fake or not and this can take up to six months or more”, he said.