NEBBI. Vendors at Nebbi main market in Nebbi Municipality have been urged to stay united and focus on their businesses rather than fighting one another over useless issues.

This follows counter accusations by a section of members that the elected leadership of the market mismanaged the funds that they earlier collected to pay the watchman.

Each shop owner at the market pays a monthly due of shs2000 while vendors pay shs500 each.

Ms Abisagi Awekonimungu, one of the vendors alleged that the chairman, Mr Jaltex Opio with his executive failed to account for the money they have been collecting for the past five years and that he should not be given another opportunity to lead the market vendors.

“We cannot allow him to be our chairman because they have failed to account for the money they have been collecting. Now that the money we collect on our own has been able to pay the watchman without any problem, let him give us accountability of that money before he continues with his work,” she said.

Ms AbisagiMs Abisagi Awekonimungu accused the managment of mismanaging funds collected.

But Opio denied the allegations saying the money collected was used to pay the watchman for 3 months.

He said after that, people failed to contribute money claiming that they misused it though they provided accountability during the last general meeting.

“If I am found guilty, I will vacate my seat but only after a thorough audit has been done to prove that I really mismanaged the funds as some of the vendors are claiming,” Opio said.

While addressing the aggrieved traders and market vendors of Nebbi central market during an interface dialogue meeting on Thursday, Mr Christopher Omara, the resident district commissioner Nebbi said the leadership bickering in the market is greatly affecting businesses yet it’s some few individuals with selfish interests confusing the vendors.

“I believe that as brothers and sisters of Nebbi central market, fights among each other will not address your differences but you should instead reconcile and work as a team to bring peace and sanity in the market,” Omara said.

Omara urged individuals amplifying the matter to stop bickering but work together and unit for a common goal that will help them enhance their businesses. He tasked the municipal authority to employ a watchman instead of leaving the responsibility to the vendors.

The Nebbi district chairman, Mr Emmanuel Oromb caution individuals who are causing disunity among the traders to stop because if they will be caught, they may be chased away from the market.